About Sammy


Samuel Leighton “Sammy” Maddox (b. 2003) is a fifth-generation native of El Paso, Texas.  Sammy became interested in piano at age four when his brother Ben began taking lessons with Mrs. Marilyn Robinson, with whom he started taking lessons after turning seven.  It was Mrs. Robinson who first recognized Sammy’s potential, labeling him a “prodigy.”  Soon she was assigning Sammy repertoire normally reserved for her much older students, which Sammy deftly handled.  Once Mrs. Robinson retired in 2013, Sammy, at age ten, transferred to the Studio of Dr. Esequiel Meza, Jr.  Recognizing Sammy’s advanced skills, extremely competitive spirit, and God-given ability to quickly memorize difficult repertoire, Dr. Meza immediately began challenging Sammy to reach new levels.  After just a few months, Dr. Meza commissioned Sammy, still ten, to give his official piano solo debut concert in December 2013, which featured repertoire from Mozart, Brahms, Bach, Bartók, Clementi and Debussy.

Resized952019092295142911With Dr. Meza fueling his competitive fires, Sammy began enrolling in competitions.  Sammy’s successes include winning second place as a ten-year-old in the 12-year-old division of the El Paso Music Teachers Association’s Irma Kluck Baroque Competition in El Paso, Texas (2013), winning the El Paso Society for Musicians of the Future Competition in El Paso, Texas twice (2017, 2019), winning first place (Junior Division) and then second place (Senior Division) in consecutive Baylor/Waco Piano Competitions in Waco, Texas (2018, 2019), and winning third place in his age division in the II International Chopin Piano Competition in Vienna, Austria (2019).  He also placed as a finalist in the Piano Solo Grade 9 Division of the Texas Music Teachers Association Competition in Waco, Texas (2018).  And, he received an award for his performance of Messiaen’s “Spirit of Joy” after competing in the finals at the Claudette Sorel International Piano Competition in Fredonia, New York (2018).

20200104_170647Sammy has so distinguished himself with his playing abilities that he has been called a “true artist” by Yamaha Artist Lara Downes and “the red-headed [Evgeny] Kissen” by Steinway Artist Dr. Bradley Bolen of Baylor University.  In recognition of his exceptional talent, Sammy was named as a Community Champion for February 2019 and featured in a news story by KVIA-ABC Channel 7 of El Paso, Texas.  He also had the distinction of being one of twelve pianists worldwide selected to attend the Young Artist Summer Program at the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the summer of 2019.  Additionally, he had the special honors of being invited to perform at the PianoTexas Prepfest held at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas in June 2019 and the V. Sarajishvili State Conservatoire in Tbilisi, Georgia, in October 2019.

20191127_104945A devout Christian, Sammy has a deep desire to use his piano skills both to glorify God and to bless people by bringing some encouragement, enjoyment, pleasure and beauty to their lives.  Toward those ends, Sammy performs his music as a community service on a regular basis, donating time each year to play at area assisted living centers, children’s hospitals and churches.  He also is a member of the El Paso branch of King’s Kids, an international Christian youth organization with a focus on missions.

Sammy MetsSammy has been homeschooled since second grade, which has allowed him to deeply pursue subjects other than piano that he has been passionate about, such as languages, chemistry, astronomy and music history.


Playing team sports has also shaped a large part of his childhood.  From ages 9 through 14, Sammy played baseball with the Southwest Baseball League, for which he was named as an All-Star in Spring 2017 and as the Most Valuable Player of his team in both Fall 2016 and Spring 2017.  In high school, Sammy switched exclusively to basketball, which he currently plays with the El Paso Christian Home School Panthers.

When Sammy is not practicing piano, studying or playing sports, Sammy enjoys reading the Bible, gazing at the night sky with his telescope, speed solving Rubik’s cubes and spending time with friends and family.